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My Practice Services

Individual Psychoanalysis/Psychotherapy

I work exclusively with patients Internationally and in California over the internet using Zoom.

Supervision/Consultation to Professionals

If you are a Psychoanalyst, Psychotherapist or Counselor, then you know the value of someone who can help you sort out feelings of confusion and think more clearly and confidently about your patient.  A number of colleagues have said my calm, intimate way of working supports them, allowing them to grow professionally with my down-to-earth, clearly presented perspective (Kleinian/Bionian/Winnicottian/Infant Observation).  I exclusively supervise/consult in the US and Internationally over the internet via Zoom.

Teaching/Training Professionals and Public Speaking

I conduct classes in Psychoanalysis for professionals and am available for public speaking to groups interested in learning more about the advantages of growing one's mind.

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