My Practice Services

Individual Psychoanalysis/Psychotherapy

Although working in-person is best, I also work with patients Internationally and in California over the internet using Zoom.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

I also lead a team of professionals providing intensive, psychoanalytic, outpatient treatment.  I recommend this service especially for individuals who have just come out of inpatient, residential, day treatment, or drug detox/rehab facilities...and for their families, when possible.  While these facilities are good at providing first-line support in a crisis, they are not so good at providing the ongoing, intensive, followup holding environment to keep you from sliding back and help you to keep growing and moving forward.  A "revolving door" situation too often results, leading to serial admissions. These becomes incredibly expensive in terms of money and time lost helping pick you up one more time. My goal is for us to try and find a way to support your growing stronger and not have to use these kinds of services again.  I've been privileged to participate in the process and see the difference a high quality, personalized, analytic treatment can make for oneself and one's family.  Nothing else will touch you as deeply, thoroughly, and well in my experience.


Supervision/Consultation to Professionals

If you are a Psychoanalyst, Psychotherapist or Counselor, then you know the value of someone who can help you to sort out feelings of confusion and think more clearly and confidently about your patient.  A number of colleagues have said my calm, intimate way of working supports them and that they are able to grow professionally with my down-to-earth, clearly presented perspective (Kleinian/Bionian/Winnicottian/Infant Observation).  While working in-person is best, I do supervise/consult in the US and Internationally over the internet via Zoom.

Teaching/Training Professionals and Public Speaking

I conduct classes in Psychoanalysis for professionals and am available for public speaking to groups interested in learning more about the advantages of growing one's mind.