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Free consultation

What do you think?  Perhaps you'd like to meet and talk more in person.  There is no charge for an initial session.  It gives you a chance to size me up and for me to begin to know you.  You can learn good stuff by studying in school. But we only grow through a relationship.  You're already grown up in most ways.  Maybe not in every way, though. That's for you to decide.  And that's where I can come in. By meeting we can see if we're a good fit for doing the work of growing together.  If things go well, many individuals get unstuck in the process of doing this work.


Email me now and tell me what you need.  I'll get back to you and set up your free consultation.  If you think you'd like to work together, I can begin looking for a regular time for you.  I offer sessions lasting 45 minutes.  Not everyone can afford my full fee. We can talk about that when we meet.  I do have some flexibility and we can explore making an adjustment and finding a fee that works for each of us.  Also, I have office locations in Beverly Hills, Long Beach, and Newport Beach, CA.

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