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How's it going?
Remember when life was like this? (...ok, well, maybe not)

We all start off as babies.  Probably you started off as a pretty good baby, doing all the regular things babies do.  You looked forward to this thing called Life and were eager to connect to people who could help you discover and get involved in it. Unfortunately, things can get complicated quickly...sometimes very complicated.  It's not easy to grow up when you're doing it for the first time...raised by folks who likely are also parents for the first time.  What do you imagine the odds are for at least some things going wrong?


When things go wrong, the parents and the baby get out of tune with each other.  They lose their flow in the rhythms of life.  They stop making beautiful music together.  Baby can become confused, upset, anxious, scared, depressed, angry, and even start to withdraw or push away from contact with people because it's just too painful.  It's like a ship losing it's tie to the dock and ends up drifting out to sea...maybe getting lost...but definitely stuck in the middle of nowhere.  The worst part is that the getting stuck can take on a life of its own.  It can become a repetitive pattern and life can become hard and get stuck.

How do you "go" when you're stuck?

Good question.  People keep having birthdays.  They keep on going, but in a way they stop growing.  You learn ways to look and feel like you're ok but often you just become a really tough shell around a vulnerable you and feel like you're falling apart...or about to fall apart.  So what do you do.....?


Before we get to that (psychoanalysis), can I tell you a bit about me?

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